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Prioritize yourself!

Every pain teaches us a lesson that we remember for the rest of our lives. But don’t hurt yourself by running after others. Prioritize yourself. We can never force anyone to be our fan or friend. Everyone has their own thoughts, their own preferences. Let people go, let them see the world. If they don’t see the value of having you don’t try to convince them. Forget expectations, groom yourself but not for others. Take care of yourself without being selfish.

When you feel inferior, depressed, hopeless and unloved. Write down all the things on a page that make you good, bad, happy or sad then understand it and let it leave. Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy your company. Trust me, you won’t find a better company than yourself. In order to fill other peopleโ€™s cups, we must make sure our cups are filled. Even though it can feel like there is not enough time for self-care, there is. Sometimes, we just have to learn how to fit it in and prioritize it.

Forgive yourself, protect yourself, listen to yourself and understand yourself. Feed your mind with inspiring books and with positive motivation. Decide and make boundaries for yourself and don’t allow anyone to violate them. When you put yourself first you feel happier and more content. Your health is highly crucial and should be first on your list of priorities. It determines your prosperity, comfort and overall attitude. Be kind to yourself and don’t let anyone to ruin your mood. Discover your true self and Be proud of who you are.

There are many of us who feel that no one listens to us, no one sees our happiness or no one values us. Don’t think so at all. You are enough for yourself. Take a break from social media, Know your worth, value your time and abilities. Hug and talk to yourself like a friend. The important thing to remember is that you are just as important as the people around you, and you should treat yourself as well as you treat other people in your life. Without taking the time for self-care, we become more irritable, stressed, and less available for the people we love.

Love yourself, take care of yourself, be friend of yourself, be kind to yourself and Prioritize yourself today.