English Poem

I am a girl!

I am a girl like a butterfly
With beautiful wings
Colourful, shiny and fragile

I am a girl like a lioness
With a stout heart
Fearless, strong and powerful

I am a girl like a star
With a brighter shine
Glow, flicker and shimmer

I am a girl like a flower
With pretty colours
Blooming, shimmering and charming

I am a girl like a Queen
With my own kingdom
Respectable, graceful and courageous

I am a girl
a marvellous creature
And i know my worth.

In every woman there is a Queen.💙
English Poem

A Mother!!

As a shiny moon
In a dark night,
So is the beauty
On her holy face.

As a winter sun
In a hot summer,
So innocence
Of her smile.

As a galaxy star
On a vasty sky,
So is a woman
With her travail done.

She is a mother
A great woman,
Our pride
Our everything.

Love your mother.💙
English Poem

ALLAH Is Always With Me!

When I am alone
When no one is with me
When the darkness is shattered
When I start to get scared
From the wildness of people
When I am disappointed
So I feel
That you are with me
More close to my aorta
To find you so close to myself
My loneliness ends
My fearness ends
My horror ends
My hope is born again
Now I have everything
Now I feel satisfied
Because you are always with me.💙