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Forget me not!!

She was waiting since 7’o clock and now it was 7;45 am but he didn’t come yet. So she got upset. “Why is he late? Why hasn’t he come yet?” She was thinking when he appeared from behind the wall. She was constantly looking into his blue and bright eyes. He gave her a beautiful smile when he saw her. She smiled back. After a few seconds, they began to walk quietly down the long street.
They were good friends from childhood and also good neighbors. Maira loved him and he knew that very well but he was silent because of their status difference. Maira was the daughter of a rich businessman while Adam was from an ordinary family.
“Why don’t you come in your car, Maira?” Adam asked her.
“Because I can come by my feet.”Β  Maira smiled sweetly.
“I’m serious Maira.”
“Am I kidding?” Maira replied fast. Adam became silent and started looking at her.
“Why are you staring at me? I like to come with you like this. It’s simple.” She answered and shrugged.
“And I’ve told you many times don’t do these all things. I don’t wanna give you hope and hurt you later. So please stop these nonsenses and focus on your study.” He explained politely.
“You already hurting me Adam.” Her eyes were full of tears. He kept looking into her dark black eyes.
She was sitting on a bench near a blue lake. It was Adam’s favorite place. He used to spend his free time here and she loved everything about Adam. He was coming towards her. He knew that she would be here. She was lost in her thoughts. He has his hands tied behind his back. Be came silently and sat down next to her. Taking a look at him, she started looking at the front again.
“Are you angry with me?” He asked softly. Today they were meeting two weeks later.
“Who can I be angry with you?” She said without looking at him. After a moment of silence, he took his hands out of behind and held them in front of her. There was a smile, a cute and beautiful bouquet in his hands. She looked at the bouquet and then looked into his blue eyes. “Forget-Me-Not” she repeated the words on the bouquet. It was a beautiful bouquet of “forget me not” blue blooms flowers. From which, Adam’s immense love was bursting and that was a sign of Adam’s love.Β  They both looked at each other for a long time. After a while, they both started laughing and walking along the lakeshore.πŸ’™

Love is the water of life. -RUMI



The words are those which encourage us to live or which we break apart. Words are those Which we can run an arrow on someone or put an ointment on someone’s wound. Words are what we can make someone against us or create love for ourselves in someone’s heart.
Talking by words is an art that only human beings have. There is a famous article: “There is no bone in the tongue, but it can easily break someone’s bone.”

Without words we can neither think nor write anything. And can not express. Respect for words does not matter to everyone. The words are the clothes of human conscience. The words show the beauty of the human being.

“Impossible is a WORD to be found only in the dictionary of fools.”
— Napoleon Bonaparte

Words are not just lifeless. There is a whole soul and life inside them.
Man describes the ideas in his speech and writing through words.Β  Every man has a good or bad words, but his proper use reaches him to the level of wisdom.

“No matter what people tell you, WORDS  and IDEAS  can change the world.”
— Robin Williams

The most selfish word in human conversation is’I’. The excessive use of the word shows a person’s narcissism and selfishness. When the use of ‘I’ in the conversation increases and the conversation revolves around ‘I’, know that you are hurting yourself and others with your own selfishness.

“I know the value of words. They can make you, break you. They can heal your soul. They can damage you forever.”
— Muneeba Mazari

The most satisfying and comforting word used in a conversation is’we’. When a person adds his/her colleagues, friends, loved ones or employees to his/her plan by saying ‘we’, he/she adds to the most important asset of his/her life i.e., getting help in times of sympathy and distress.

“Never regret a day in your life, good days give happiness,  bad days give experience, worst days give lessons and best days give memories.”
Stay Blessed.



It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another that what are the feelings??
There’s a whole range of feelings that extend beyond the basics. But all feelings have one thing in common: they come as a result of a reaction to emotions.
Feelings are those in which the likes and dislikes of others are taken care of. Feelings are those in which the words of others should be kept in mind.

In psychology, the word is usually reserved for the conscious subjective experience of emotions.
Feelings are the combination of knowledge and judgment. Fear, anger, happiness, sadness.
Consciously describe what you decide. You accept some time of sadness. You decide to love, forgive, hate. It’s all the feelings.

An important stage or aspect of our mental actions is determined by our feelings. We think, feel. We are not only intelligent but also have feelings.
The first thing is that feelings play the role of great power in life. Feelings do the same thing that petrol does for a car or for a steam rail engine. No one can imagine living without emotions. Undoubtedly there are people who condemn emotions. But the fact is that it is not useful to expel emotions from your life.

Emotions and feelings are often used synonymously, but they’re not the same thing.
The science of psychology recognizes feelings as the response to emotions, but the number of emotions is limited.
There are many types of feelings.
1) Fear β†’ feeling of being afraid , frightened, scared.
2) Anger β†’ feeling angry. A stronger word for anger is rage.
3) Sadness β†’ feeling sad. Other words are sorrow, grief.
4) Joy β†’ feeling happy. Other words are happiness, gladness.
5) Disgust β†’ feeling something is wrong or nasty. Strong disapproval.
6) Surprise β†’ being unprepared for something.
7) Trust β†’ a positive emotion; admiration is stronger; acceptance is weaker.
8) Anticipation β†’ in the sense of looking forward positively to something which is going to happen. Expectation is more neutral.

The power of feelings and emotions plays important role in human life. However it is extremely important to keep feelings and emotions within the limits of moderation. We should not even suppress our emotions completely or give them an open holiday.
It is clear to all that some of our emotions and feelings are more important than some other emotions and feelings. It is better for us to live in love instead of hatred, instead of fear, instead of disappear, instead of anger and instead of narrowness.
Stay blessed!!πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ